Do you have an x-ray of your knee or hand?

You can contribute to our research!

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ReadMyXray is helping in research on detection and prediction of Osteoarthritis

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Step 1: Send your knee or hand x-ray image

Your radiologist will provide you with a digital copy of the x-ray of your knee or hand. Please click here to upload your x-ray image.

Step 2: Get your x-ray reading

We will email you a short report (click here to see the report example) that has

  • details you provided
  • x-ray image(s) with square regions selected for analysis of trabecular bone
  • analysis results with radiographic roughness measures of trabecular bone
Step 3: Contribute to research on osteoarthritis

Thank you for sending us your x-ray image(s). Your help is essential in building a prognostic tool/system for knee and hand OA! If you like to contribute further please provide extra details by clicking here.

Report example


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